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Well, you wanted to know about me, so here's the scoop! Hehehehe...

My name is Holly (well, duhhhh...hehehehe). I was born on Halloween in 1966 (and my mom tells me I was a pain from the very beginning...I was on the nerves to her legs right before I was born so mom couldn't had to carry her!  I keep TELLING her it wasn't intentional!)... Grew up in a happy household with two older brothers and one older sister. (It was pretty cool being the baby...I got away with murder! Hehe!) I graduated from West Carrollton High School in 1985 and made my way to Wright State University. After two or three changes to my major, I ended up in the MIS program (Management Information Systems). I graduated in 1990 with a 3.25 GPA overall (3.36 in my major) (hey, I'm no dummy!) with a bachelors in MIS and a minor in English.

After I graduated, one of my profs (Barb Dennison - the person I credit with my success not only at Wright State, but with my career in general...she got me headed in the right direction right from the start...) recommended me for a job and I got it. I started working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in June of 1990. I worked at Wright Patt from 1990 to 1998 in different buildings and areas... Started out at the computer center, then made my way (in chronological order) to: F-16 SPO, B-2 SPO, AFMC/HQ, and ended up at ASC/CC (Command Center). I've mainly been a computer support person, but have migrated to network administrative duties. All the networks I've worked with have been Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x and 6.x LAN's, but I've had some experience with Windows servers as well.  In my previous job (LAN Analyst II) at JP Morgan Chase, I gained quite a bit of additional experience and training.  I am currently CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certified, and want to work toward my MCSE, but in my current job at Wright Patterson AFB, I think getting my Server+ certification will come first.  Maybe later on I'll work on the Cisco CCNA and possibly the CISSP later on...but MUCH later on!    I'm too old for this studying stuff!  LOL!


While at Wright State, I met someone through a good friend of mine...this someone would turn out to later become my husband! Todd and I were married on 1 October 1994 in a beautiful outdoor wedding at Polen Farm in Kettering, Ohio. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day if we had forecasted the weather ourselves! It was sunny and warm! :) We lived in a townhouse in Centerville for around 9 years, but now we own a condo in Miamisburg, OH.  We are both very happy! He is a computer nerd, too. He works with Microsoft Windows servers, though. He works for Northrop Grumman and is working out at Wright Patterson AFB.

I am a sports nut... I love to play volleyball and softball, and enjoy watching all kinds of sports, but mainly football, baseball and hockey. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan (have been for over 27 years - even when they used to stink up the place!) and a Cincinnati Bengals fan.  As for baseball, I am a Cincinnati Reds fan...I also like the Anaheim Angels (now called the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels).  Also, Dayton, Ohio has been lucky enough to get a Class A baseball team!  Our Dayton Dragons began playing in April, 2000, and they are doing great! Go Dragons! As for hockey, GO RED WINGS! I've been a 'wings fan forever, too... Way to go!  1997, 1998 and 2002 Stanley Cup Champions!!!!  As for college football, I'm kind of weird. I am an OSU fan, but I also tolerate (for my hubby's sake) UM...that is, until they play the Buckeyes! Then it's SCARLET AND GREY ALL THE WAY! This causes some static at times, because Todd is a DIE-HARD Michigan fan.  There's no accounting for taste, eh?    I always tell people that Todd and I get along every day of the year but ONE.  LOL! 

Aside from sports, I like to read, play games, listen to music (my favorite band is RUSH! Check out Rush's web page, and a fan's site, (and, yes, Cappy, Rush is a BAND!), visit my parents in Vero Beach, Florida, take pictures (I am SUCH the little photog lately!  See below...), get tattoos (hehe!) and work on my computers and web pages. Check out my Music Page!  Lot of lyrics and cool links! 

I've been interested in photography since I was young.  I always had a camera and loved to take photos.  When (in 2004) I bought my first digital camera, a Kodak DX6490, my interest went into overdrive!  I love the absolute freedom with digital.  You can take as many photos as you want, and you don't have to pay to process all of them just to see them.  Being able to shoot a bunch of pictures of one little flower from different perspectives really opened up my creative eyes.  I learned quite a lot along the way, some on my own, some from the photography forums I visit.  In April, 2007, we went to Texas on vacation.  We met up with a Flickr friend, Melissa, at the Fort Worth zoo.  She let me shoot with her Nikon D50.  Love at first snap!  I had been looking at a Canon Rebel XT before we left, but just didn't like it like I did with the D50.  I knew where that was going to lead, too! 

Later that spring in 2007, my Kodak started having some issues.  It started working again, but my mind was on that Nikon.  So, after doing my homework like a good little geek, I bought a Nikon D80.  It has been SO much fun!  I love this camera!  And now that you have that background, please go visit my Flickr page and see my photos! 

In May 2009, I got a great deal on a Nikon D90!  Now I have 2 dSLR's and LOVE them both!!  Having great fun with them, too!

Also, I like to write poetry.  I have some of my poetry copyrighted, and I might post it sometime.  I have been loving church a lot!  It is just wonderful...Fairhaven Church (in Centerville) is such a wonderful place!  I feel so at home there, and I really miss it when I don't go for some reason (and, those reasons are usually pretty sickness!).  Pastor David Smith (no relation...hehehe) is awesome!  And, we have some really special guest speakers and singers!  It's just a wonderful place!  If you ever make it to this part of town on a Sunday, you might enjoy a visit! 

I think that sums me up pretty much... If you want to mail me, my accounts are:  ~or~


Holly (a.k.a. Hols, Lerxst, Stealthy, Analog Kid, Lerxst-Ohio, Tigger, ZuuL, Geek Babe, Serra Angel, Punk, Boogie, Hollygirl and Piglet) 

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